Friday, December 22, 2006

Barcelona, Montreal & Santa Barbara

So... this is it. My last day in the UK but definitely not my last post about the UK. Leaving this afternoon to Barcelona and will have quick pit stop by Montreal. The really exciting news is that I am moving to Santa Barbara at the beginning of next year. This will blog will continue to be linked with the Royal London Society for the Blind pretty much until I finish writing my dissertation. I will write more about Santa Barbara when I get a few minutes to sit down. Lately my life has been all about packing :)

Have a great break,



Daniel-Robert Chebat said...

\hey Victor,

Hope to see you in Montreal.


Peter said...

Very interesting.
I have been to Barcelona just one week ago. Finding a nice centrally located accommodation in hotels in Barcelona is no easier than any other great city, and so I am very fortunate that my wife's cousin Luisa has one with a view across to Sagrada Familia by way of her laundry porch. She is very old now, and we haven't visited her since 1998, so I keep telling my wife, it's time to return to Barcelona. This is one of my favorite cities to just wander around. It's generally very safe and clean, and the architecture of Gaudi among many other great Catalan architects, is wonderful to look at. I really enjoyed my trip to Spain.